17 agosto 2009

ANNE SOFIE with an "E"

Anne Sofie with an 'E'
I always try and wait until I can get hold of some decent lookbook images before posting a fashion graduate's work just because I think catwalk images can look a little flat and one-dimensional. The Danish Design School had their show at Copenhagen Fashion Week last week and one of the graduates Anne-Sofie Madsen sent me her collection for me to check out along with illustrations. Yes, another Anne-Sofie, this one with an 'e' and hopefully one that will make it to the heights of Ann-Sofie Back.

There's something quite soft and severe at the same time about Madsen's collection. Soft, in the textures and fabric choices used with plenty of textural effects used to raise what is quite a neutral palette. Severe, in Madsen's execution of keeping things fairly tight to the body and even voluminous pieces like the shag cardigan looks like it's been controlled strand by strand.

The illustrations further 'illustration' (ahem...) the severity of what Madsen is trying to achieve. These are like clothes for recuperating patients (of what affliction I don't know...) that are on the cusp of recovery and it's like these are the garments that will heal them. Or maybe I'm reading far too much into the expressions on these girls' faces and the 'inner meaning' of a draped bit of wool.

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