15 outubro 2009


American Perez was born on june 2008 in Barcelona.
Natalia Perez and Jorge Bolado Moo are the names behind the brand.
Natalia was born in 1986 in Barcelona, she graduated as a fashion designer in the Superior School of Design ESDI (Barcelona) and also at the University of Southhampton.
Jorge was born in O Porriño in 1984, he graduated in Fine Arts in the University of Vigo and later he moved to Barcelona where he graduated in a master’s degree in styling in Superior School of Design BAU.
Their first collection “American Perez” is finalist in Modafad Book-t project (September 2008), selected by the Genial Fashion STIB as one of the best collections (September 2008), showed in Madrid Fashion Week El Ego de Cibeles (February 2009) and is invited by CreatEurope Design Award to Berlin in October 2009.
The second collection, “Miami Heat” is showed and finalist in Modafad Awards in September 2009.

larga vida a AMERICAN PEREZ!

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