15 janeiro 2010


Meet Nick White, illustrator & animator of colossal proportions.

Nick combines found imagery with drawing & painting to create myriad surfaces of faces, eyes, pattern and texture. Motifs mingle with symbols and signs, plucked from their original contexts, in unexpected combinations.

He makes books and drawings and animation and films. Colossal.

At Kingston University Nick completed an Illustration BA in the year of our Lord 2004. From then on Nick has worked as a skilled ninja, pastry chef and illustrator. In his illustrator capacity Nick’s work boasts (in)consistent (anti)themes and styles; nostalgic pop culture; uncanny mis-matchings, and birds, to name but a few.

He has exhibited at:
The Stairwell Gallery, London
Gutes Von Freunden, Frankfurt, Germany
Noise festival (Liverpool Biennal 2006) @ View 2 Gallery, Liverpool
NOG Gallery, London
Luna and Curious, London
Mystery spot @ Indo's, London
The Joyful bewilderment @Rough trade east, london.
SALE, The royal Standard, Liverpool

(Worked on) Moving image projects shown at Tate Modern, the LABAN and the Imax, London

Clients include:
Plan B, time out london, world of interiors, .CENT magazine, No-Brow, the combination of..., Decode media, Dufus (Iron Man Records), Merz: Gronland Records.

nick is represented in the UK and U.S by HEART.

Nick lives in London with Holly, Dan, Emma, Tim and Laura but not Annie. (Annie was a cat)

Nick’s brother once threw a dart into Nicks hand.

Nick mostly likes to write in third person but never second.

“Nick White’s art has a remarkable ability to reanimate dead images with hectic yet brave pencil marks” - Holly

“Nick constantly surprises me” - Person who likes Nick’s work

“Nick owes me money” - Anonymous

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