11 setembro 2009


Art and fashion, costume design and animation; Brazilian Jum Nakao is a versatile and playful individual.

For his A Costura Do Invisivel paper collection, more than 700 hours of painstaking work went into the production of delicate and beautiful dresses made entirely from paper. Strips, punched and laser-cut-look patterns all go together to produce an inventive and intricate spectacle.

The show ended with the traditional parade of models down the runway, but the most shocking and exciting part came when each model stopped and ripped, tore and destroyed her paper outfit. You can actually see the visible shock on the faces of the audience in the video on the designer’s website. He then recreated the entire collection again in miniature for the Revolver exhibition at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum. Placed in a glass case, mice were then let loose to eat away at the dresses until they fell apart.

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