11 setembro 2009


The creative and morbid charm of Germany's capital
Just hours ago, the Berlin fashion-design duo Scherer González made their debut presentation at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Constanze G. González and Paul Scherer's spring/summer 2009 fashion show took place at Bebelplatz in Berlin's historic Mitte district. More than 400 invited guests attended the festivities as the designers unveiled their upcoming spring collection, proving that Berlin and high fashion are by no means mutually exclusive terms.

The creative and morbid charm of Germany's capital has inspired the designers to create a collection showcasing unexpected opposites. Urban architecture combined with contemporary rebellious-art elements served as a springboard for a glamorous and progressive collection. Neon-coloured graffiti prints silk-screened onto meticulously tailored, fine silk fabrics make for a gritty-meets-grace aesthetic that achieves a controversial kind of harmony. Countless handcrafted roses adorn a dress that moves like liquid metal, baggy mini-overalls sport glowing prints, and neon-coloured leather buttons are sewn onto delicate crêpe de chine to make the spirit of contrast all the more striking. The show itself starts a few minutes late because a huge crush of people has to be seated first. Shortly after the last guests have been guided to their seats the light gets dimmed and the sound turned up. Now the spotlights are put on. The show begins. Already the first piece, dress Cara, gives the direction. People clap, over and over again.

Dresses form the centrepiece of the 50-piece collection, which includes a solid supporting cast of shorts, generously-cut tops and mini-overalls. The Scherer González fashion show opens with a series of intricately tailored day dresses in a reserved palette of black, grey and cream. A rainbow of colours takes centre stage as the subsequent group of fashions, a range of prêt-à-porter summer dresses...


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